About Us

At CMA we focus on retirement income and managing healthcare expenses. Many of our clients have come to us after decades of working and saving for retirement. They have done well with the accumulation phase of their retirement planning using a qualified advisor or investing on their own. We have found a common gap in plans is keeping enough of those accumulated funds through the distribution phase of retirement. We specialize in closing this gap by assisting you with a plan to properly direct your funds toward healthcare expenses, extended or long term care, and taxes, thereby allowing you to keep the largest portion of your funds to enjoy your retirement. We invite you to a personal consultation via videoconference or in person to discuss developing an income plan or to give you a second look at your existing plan.

Alex Rascionato, Founder

Alex has long carried with him the values of treating others as he would wish to be treated and keeping things as simple as possible. Over the years this led him to a career centered on things like financial education and advocacy. He began in 2010 with insurance planning and Medicare education. This has allowed him to cultivate many long term relationships with seniors and their family members. He places a high value on personal interactions to put people at ease and allow them to ask those difficult questions.

Alex has been married to his wife Tracy for 24 years. They enjoy spending a significant amount of their time volunteering in the community to assist others in improving the quality of their lives.